About Us

Wedding Imaging is an innovative company that is transforming the wedding photography industry. Wedding Imaging was founded by a team of professional photographers. The unique set of skills that our founder and management team bring to the table is enabling Wedding Imaging to establish new industry standards.

At Wedding Imaging, our primary objective is to provide superior quality wedding photography. We believe whole-heartedly that every wedding, and every couple by extension, is unique. Because of this strongly-held belief, we take time to understand our clients’ vision for their day and their unique style. We then use that information to match clients with couple of our extraordinary photographers. Every Wedding Imaging Certified Photographer is an artist with his or her own distinct approach to wedding photography. You can be confident that the photographer that we match to you – and that you approve – will deliver amazing photographs.In addition to capturing amazing wedding photographs, we’re dedicated to providing incomparable service at an unparalleled value. Wedding Imaging’s distinctive team method ensures that your experience will be stress-free. We obsess over every detail so that our clients can focus on enjoying the happiest day of their lives.

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