Beautiful portrait photographs

Beautiful portrait photographs

BRIDDHI PHOTOGRAPHS- The first step of the Bengali wedding program is BRIDDHI, It’s a beautiful tradition of Bengali wedding. The father or other male relative of both bride and groom perform this ritual in their respective homes. Sanskrit plasm is chanted and offering are made to the past seven generations of paternal predecessor to appease their souls and seek their blessings. Now a photographer needs to capture the whole program of BRIDDHI for the album. Also need to capture some Beautiful portrait photographs of bride.

MAKE NEW IDEAS- After BRIDDHI think some new poses to create beautiful portrait ask bride to come outdoor for a shoot. Choose a beautiful locetion nearby and use some props like Kajallata, Gachkouto, and Sunglass etc. And don’t forget to ask friend or family to joined them and make the situation more conceptual.

This beautiful bride help us a lot to capture her beautiful photographs


Info about Camera Setting & Accessories

Location- Outdoor

Camera- Canon 6D

ISO- 200

Aperture- f2.5

Shatter Speed- 1600

Lanes- 50mm block

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