How can you make your Pre-wedding shoot gorgeous

Pre-wedding shoots are a great opportunity to have a lovely date with your man with the bonus of gorgeous photos at the end. You also get to know your photographer and how they work and they find out how best to photograph you, which is so so important for your wedding day.

These are some tips how you can make your Pre-wedding shoot spectacular.

Trust your Photographer :

This is the basic thing which makes your photos great. Most of my couples tell me that they are unphotogenic and that they feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. It is my job as your photographer to make you feel at ease and to help you look great in your photos.
I promise, even if you start out feeling a little awkward, I will guide you to the locations with the best light, maybe give you pointers on how to stand or what to do. You will soon relax and your photos will look fabulous as a result.

Location :
Don’t be shy to suggest a location. On very rare occasions you might need to ask permission to use your chosen location for your pre-wedding shoot. This rarely ever happens, but if you are ever really unsure about it, I will be there to suggest you with some beautiful places.

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