Portrait Photography


Portrait photography is one of the most challenging forms of photography. Capturing the photo with perfection is natural and conveys the client’s personality is a skill need patience and practice. Portrait photography is all about capturing some moments of a person’s character producing a technically perfect mixture.

Learn some technique how can you make a simple subject unique.  By following them, you’ll find it easier to bring out your subject’s unique.



In portrait photography your photos don’t have to be technically brilliant. Think about what makes your Client uniquely and try to capture that in your portrait. In a good portrait photograph it will tell a story about the person. No need to capture lots of photos of your subject try only take good portrait if you r confident about your work. Try to capture the client personality in portrait photography.



Chose a place that reflects their character into your photo, and help your viewer to see.  Always remember that the main focus of your photo is the subject, not the place. Keep the background free from distractions, use a wide aperture for out of focus, and keep your subject middle in the frame.


Use your equipments properly while you r shooting your portrait photography. that enhance your photo lot batter and sharper.


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