Rituals in Bengali wedding

There are many rituals in Bengali wedding. Some of them are precious worship and some of them are funny and enjoyable like SATPAK, MALABADOL, SHUVO DRISHTI etc.

The ritual that most imply a Bengali wedding style is the ritual of “Shubho Drishti”.

Where the bride covers her face with a betel leaf, and the bride is carried by her brothers and her friends on a wooden PEERI.

On the other side the groom is also carried by his brothers or friends on a PEERI, and its starts a competition to get higher than opponents.


The bride is still supposed to keep her face covered with betel leaf. This used to be the time when they would see each other for the first time. And this entire sequence is called SHUVO DRISHTI.

And the audience cheers them up through entire sequence and it’s become a funny moment. The friends and family get a lot of opportunity for leg pulling.


These days, in most cases the couple already knows each other or getting love marriage. But it still is a very fun ritual where even the girls feel shy to look at the boy.

After the Shubho Drishti the bride and the groom exchange garlands, and this is called “MALA BADAL”. And that is also an enjoyable ritual among all.

There are many other rituals in Bengali wedding.

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